Raees and Kaabil are the big Republic Day clash happening this year. Both films are looking good and both are set to take big start at box office. Raees stars Shah Rukh khan, whereas kaabil stars Hrithik Roshan. Advance booking of both films have started late and we will bring further update on that little bit later in separate article.

Right for now let’s look into the screen count of both films. Screening is planned for 25th and 26th January 2017, from Friday onward, in many places screening may be chanced after looking at the box office performances of both films. hence many exhibitors are showing reluctant to lock it just right now.

As if now, Raees is leading screening fight by a significant way. Still allocations are going on.  Early estimates suggest Raees should get a big screening of 2800-2900 all across India. It may even touch 3000 by the start of the day tomorrow.

On other hand, Kaabil is certain to get 2000 screens. early trend suggest Kaabil should get around 2100-2200 screens. Few screens may be added here and there and final count will be known by start of the day tomorrow.

Screen Count-

Raees- 2800-2900

Kaabil- 2100-2200




Both Raess and Kaabil have similar running time. Raees running time is around 2 hours 20 minutes. kaabil running time is around 2 hours 19 minutes. Even both films have got UA certificates.

Current buzz suggest Raees should open big tomorrow in comparison to Kaabil. However, from Friday onward it is the film content which will be driving force at the box office. We simply hope that both the films rock big time in coming days and it is delight for both audiences and exhibitors.