Bollywood has always been a soft target and over the past few years, filmmakers have become used to random protests around the time of their film’s release. A director once told me that if there was no ‘loony fringe organisation protesting around the time of release, it meant that the film hadn’t generated enough interest’. Having been at the receiving end of multiple protests over the years, the director’s shrug and smile revealed more than his words.

On Friday afternoon, members of the Rajput Karni Sena assaulted Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The attack occurred on the sets of Bhansali’s period drama Padmavati in Jaipur’s Jaigarh Fort. Scores of Rajput Karni Sena protestors breached the private security of the set before proceeding to assault the director and vandalise the film’s set.


#ISTANDwithSLB: Bollywood, for once, stands together against vandalising extortionists.

Karan Johar sympathised with Bhansali as he was also mentally harassed and went through great troubles during the release of his last film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

He wrote:

Am appalled at what has happened with Sanjay Bhansali….this is the time for all us as an industry to stand by our people and fraternity.having been through many instances of turmoil during a film shoot or release…i understand Sanjay’s emotion at this point…I stand by him.

Similarly, Anurag Kashyap also fought a tough battle against the censor board to release his film Udta Punjab without any cuts. Kashyap tweeted

Can once the whole film industry come together and take a stand, and refuse to be a pony that all bullshit and bullshitters ride on??

At the same time Shame on you Karni Sena, you make me feel ashamed to be a Rajput.. bloody spineless coward.

Other celebrities also raised their voice to show support towards Bhansali:

It’s a movie guys. You get that? Let me say it again, it’s a movie! Get over your shit! Really upset to hear about Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

It is unacceptable how often the entertainment industry is targeted by these violent idiots who go scotfree. Sign of Progress!!!

What happened on Padmavati sets is appalling and heinous. Is this the state of the world.

Sick! one of our most respected filmmakers, attacked on his set. Hope the film industry comes together against this!

There are legal ways to object, if they have an issue. Physical attack is not an ‘objection’, it is a criminal act, meant to intimidate.

Shocked by the attack on … Shame! These hooligans must be stopped .. who gives them the right to behave like this.

“Sanjay Leela Bhansali” HORRIFIED!! Words fail me..assaulting vandalizing over a film not even made! Whats going on here? Arrest the lumpens.

You can write letters,hold press cons,or buy bloody media net if something offends u.but slap a respected,grown man you CANNOT do.

Absolutely disgusting and so wrong!

Ram Gopal Verma also wrote a series of tweets to condemn the incident:

Rajput Karni Sena shud b kicked on their back side with spiked boots for what they did to Sanjay this india or barbaricindia?

Rajput Karni Sena not even wild dogs but just a bunch of stray dogs and them to be able to do this to Bhansali speaks lot about Achche Din.

Without doubt each of those pigs from Rajput karni sena will not know 1% of the history of Khilji or Padmavati as how much Bhansali knows.

Bhansali is an artiste and if any country cannot protect its artistes from street hooligans it doesn’t deserve to be called a country.

It’s a joke film makers have issues with censor board ..Bhansali incident proves any dog,monkey nd even donkey can become censor board.

It’s only thanks to Bhansali that Padmavati,Khilji etc and stray dog community of Rajput karni sena etc will be known to entire india .